Five Select Resources to Learn More About MOOCs

First, credit must be given to the excellent World Bank EduTech blog – which is worth a read, especially if you are interested in the intersection between educational technology/MOOCs and equity of access to education. The EduTech blog wrote a post “Making Sense of MOOCs” which provided grist for this post. Without further adieu, here are five ways to learn more about MOOCs.


The Wikipedia page on Massive Open Online Courses provides a rich overview Of MOOCs, beginning with their provenance among “Open Education” and “Connectivist” perspectives. This overview clearly describes how recent developments – particularly around the start of Udacity, Coursera, and EdX – emerged from smaller, past attempts.


The Educause library on Massive Open Online Courses provides links to articles, briefs, newsletters, papers, recorded webinars, and other resources around the topic. Educause does well to synthesize complex topics in an easy-to-read way, exemplified in the article “7 things you need to know about MOOCs“.

For the latest and most-updated source of MOOC news, is the best. Because of the quantity and frequency of posts, this may be best viewed with a select RSS reader (I like Feedly in the post-Google Reader world).


For a different perspective, this report for investors is helpful. The report spans from the effects of MOOCs upon the image of online teaching and learning to the effects of MOOCs upon universities budgets.


Here’s a search of the Chronicle for MOOCs. The Chronicle of Higher Education has been in a state of MOOC mania well before the mainstream media began to cover this topic. In the last year, the Chronicle has published more than 200 articles that mention MOOC – and has placed MOOCs on the cover of the weekly publication a number of times.


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