Cultural/Historical Investigations

Cultural/Historical Investigations

By on May 12th, 2015

Project Description

Ethnographic Investigations delve into the study, analysis, and comprehension of the behavior of an individual, group, organization, or culture. Ethnographic investigations can be conducted with a broad or specific focus. Activities include interviews, live observations and analysis of the influence or impact of cultural trends, environmental changes and political and economic systems. Outcomes of this project type can lead to a better understanding of how the individual or group intersects their world. Ethnographic projects can also be very useful in developing a larger service learning project.

A Look At Puzzle Pieces and Empathy

Ideas and innovation do not exist in a vacuum. The way people interact with our work is rooted in how we interact as individuals, as groups, and as a whole.

By looking at the history and culture of other peoples, we can build up the world around us like a jigsaw puzzle. The more information and imagery that we can gather, the more visible the bigger picture. We begin to see how pieces fit together, how they match to create a picture or likeness, and how it all exists on a greater plane. We begin to contextualize the pieces, and contextualize ourselves as individuals. We can relate to others on a larger scale, and we can begin to relate our ideas, our historical consciousness, and ourselves.

Cultural and historical investigations give us a knowledgeable grasp on the history of the human race and thus our current standing socially, creatively, and economically. We can use this knowledge to predict movements and visualize how our ideas and innovations fit into a greater framework. It teaches how to empathize and remain open-minded in spite of differences in appearance, beliefs, or language. This openness keeps us humble and helps us apply more global concepts to our work, our products, and our art. Our intentions and interpretations are meant to be shared, and we are always seeking comrades and collaborators. The greatest innovations interweave themselves perfectly with their environment and surroundings through a greater understanding of where we stand as humans, where we are going, and the magic of timing and relevance.