Product Design

Product Design

By on May 16th, 2015

Project Description

Product design allows for inspiration, investigation, analysis and experimentation to come together to create a product that addresses a problem had by a client. Whether the product is completely new or an improvement on an existing product in the market place, product design provides a tangible artifact created through the design process.

Latch-Key Intricacies

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. All human invention comes from a need that must be fulfilled. That is why designing a product must fulfill some kind of important role in a part of life.

Creating a product is like fitting a key into a hole. It must line up perfectly to unlock a new opening. When it comes to products, most people look for efficiency and ease of use, but also a type of beauty. These “keys” of sorts must lead towards completing a task or adding ease to a function. It takes not just a creative mind, but an analytical one to carefully construct the ridges and teeth needed to open up to a new door.

The process of proposing a product involves a lot of different steps. You must have not only a use in mind, but also a market. The most successful products are simple, easy to understand, and aesthetically pleasing. Product design, in a way, involves a very specific type of empathy; you must step into the mind of your potential user in order to create a workable piece. Society is always moving forward and creating new problems that need solutions – there will always be a need for product design, for the sellers and the buyers.