By on May 12th, 2015

Project Description

All cultures past and present value the ability to communicate these events, or periods of time. Stories have become a method for expressing emotion, recording history, and entertainment.Narratives are a tool designed specifically for people and are a seminal point in the growth of human knowledge and intelligence. They are a means of problem-solving, expression, motivation, entertainment, and communication to individuals. Projects of this type delve deeper into comprehension in order to create and enriched experience.

Arcs, Conventions, and Whimsy

Humans have a need for structured thought, as well as an affinity for excitement and adventure.  Storytelling has been a pastime for thousands of years, but it has also been used as an aid to historical consciousness, memorization, and social thought.  Though no one story is ever told in the same way, there are commonly used conventions and constructions that we use to allow room for drama, entertainment, and connection.

Stories range from fables and myths to novels and memoirs.  Stories can be tragic, comedic, dramatic — but they are always used to communicate an idea or message.  Often, we may find ourselves spinning and weaving narratives out of our own lives and the environment around us.  We are drawn to a good story like a moth to a flame.  When the world around us is put on display, looked at through the lens of a dramatic arc, and left open to interpretation, we are often fascinated by the possibilities and fantasies that make ordinary life whimsical.

Storytelling can be used to attract attention.  It can be used to bring in an audience and speak ideas using metaphors and language.  When a story is dissected beat by beat, act by act, we find a natural progression that can be employed in any situation or style.  Voice, intention, and cadence are all attractive facets of storytelling that we often enjoy without realizing it.  Through telling a story, even menial tasks and the humdrum of day-to-day life can have the spice we crave and the fervor we revel in.