Systems Studies

Systems Studies

By on May 12th, 2015

Project Description

Systems are the foundation of how, when, where why and for whom a service or experience has been developed or exists. Systems are present in organizations, ecologies, politics, product development and business. Comprehension of systems is the stepping stone to understanding an environment and creates the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses, develop innovative approaches and suggest interventions.

Contemporary Cartography

The world forms systems all around us; look into nature, and you will find connections like colonies in chemistry and biology. Look into society, and you will find intricacies like lace woven into the fabric of our businesses and governments. Even inside of us, there are many systems, each with its own unique purpose, each connecting back to a central heartbeat.

Studying systems is about more than looking into the close and personal. Looking and each branch and connection of a system is a bit like an adventure, spreading out like tributaries on a plain or down a mountainside. The places systems can take you will go from foreign to familiar as you explore the inner workings of connected functions and arrangements. Walk a system like a trail from a larger concept to a thousand smaller ones. Even a forest is a system, with its flora and roots and wildlife and canopy.

Tackle a system by looking at its many branches and components. See how each one connects to the other, and back to the center of the system. Looking at one system means noticing systems everywhere, large and small, macro and micro. Each system forms its own pattern and design. We follow the lines and paths that systems create so that we can find new solutions, ideas, and discoveries.