Trends/Pattern Recognition

Trends/Pattern Recognition

By on December 18th, 2014

Project Description

Patterns and trends are present everywhere in nature, societies, organizations and systems. An analysis of a pattern or trend can help us to understand how both internal and external forces such as the environment, disasters, disease, changes in attitudes or new understanding can have an effect on how a system, person or plant will respond. It can help to predict future behavior based on an understanding of the past.

Catching Ideas Like Heartbeats

The events and circumstances in our lives are a lot like a musical score: sometimes legato, sometimes staccato, but always part of a steady beat. Most things in life have a repetition to them. It is why we find beauty in the cadence and rhyme of poetry. It is why we find ourselves drawn to ripples in a tide pool or the vibrations of bees and cats’ bellies. We are mesmerized by the continuation of our own pulse – we are looking for the same strumming and thundering that we know is going on inside of us.

By recognizing the trends in the world around us, we can predict what is likely to come next. We can mentally prepare ourselves for a little waltz or a tango. By connecting beats and rhythms, we can make our own connections to our environment and history, to our friends and to our fellows. The path to ideas and solutions could be thought of like a hall of mirrors. It is ornate and glowing, but filled with repetition and reflections of us. We are all walking to a drum line, we just have to pay attention and listen closely so that we can march in time.