This is the development blog for a new lesson-building platform: where teachers and students can leverage art and design thinking within the classroom.

The idea for CREATOMbuilder originated from ATOM| Art to Many: an initiative which integrates art and design projects into the teaching of math, literacy and computer technology for the non-profit Communities Rising (CR). CR is an afterschool program which supports and provides village-based education to rural India.

The social value idea for ATOM| Art to Many continued to evolve as we found that teachers everywhere face a similar challenge: finding the time to create meaningful learning experiences, in everyday lesson planning. It can be overwhelming to search for, organize and produce creative lesson plans that engage students while complying with standards.

The CREATOMbuilder solution is a shared online space where any educator can create lesson plans, and discover how to integrate creativity and critical thinking skills across the curriculum.

On this blog you will soon find our story, meet our team, and learn about our next steps.  Join in our shared development. This is a project where you, the educator, are the creator.

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