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When children are empowered to be creative we witness inspiring results. Anyone can be creative. Most of us are unaware of our hidden talents or have never been encouraged to pursue them. We believe that every child, if given the opportunity, will benefit from integrated art and design projects in the classroom. Access to a creativity not only prepares the student for the opportunities of modern life, but it is also a basic human right.


The CREATOMbuilder story begins with a non-profit afterschool program in rural India. Communities Rising (CR) supports and provides village-based education to over 1000 students spread across ten villages. CR established the ATOM| Art to Many initiative in 2011: integrating art and design projects into the teaching of math, literacy, and computer technology. The success of CR, and the ATOM initiative, led us to explore the possibility of expanding our mission beyond rural India; to tackle some of the challenges that teachers face everywhere.
Our vision is to bring the power of the creative process to all children. A percentage of our proceeds will benefit the ATOM Initiative: providing art and design mentoring to students and teachers in impoverished areas around the world. Your CREATOMbuilder subscription helps you, your students and children everywhere be creative.


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Kathleen Fritz ,Founder/CEO
What inspires me?
A Good Story.

I am an artist, designer, educator and social entrepreneur. It is my goal to immerse people in the potential of art and design thinking so they have the tools to address local and global issues.

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Richard Coffee
Lead Developer
What inspires me?
A good internet connection

As sung by Monty Python:
I’m a Lesson Builder,
and I’m OK.
I work all night
and I sleep all day!

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Clinton Edminster
Creative Content Designer
What inspires you?
The infinity within us, and the infinity without us.

Originating from the tightly knit fishing community of Homer, Alaska, I arrived in the “lower-48’s” with a knack for problem solving, one-liners, and the idea that community is a verb. Residing briefly in the mountains of San Bernardino, and a radical dance camp in east Sweden, I now find himself caught like a fish in the net that Oglethorpe wove so long ago : Savannah, GA.

Kevin Lawver

Kevin Lawver
Technology Adviser
President, Rails Machine

Jenn Taylor

Jenn Taylor
Education Adviser
COO, 501 Partners
Ray Wenig
Business Advisor
President South East Ariel Angel Partners
Yvonne Jouffrault
Technology Business Advisor
Founder/CEO Tour Buddy

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